CTIA Smart Cities Playbook

May 13, 2020

About the Playbook

The CTIA Smart Cities Working Group believes that smart cities are desirable, accessible and achievable and that communities of all sizes and states of readiness can become a smart city.


With this goal in mind, our members, representing over 40 innovative companies, worked together to create a Smart Cities Playbook for local officials and municipal decision-makers.

The Playbook explores how wireless technology can increase efficiencies, create safer communities and enhance quality of life. Innovative city leaders and CTIA Smart Cities Working Group members gathered examples of real-life smart cities deployments enabled by wireless technology.


You’ll find information, use cases, checklists and recommendations in the areas of:


Smart Public Services

  • Smart public safety

  • Smart public infrastructure

  • Smart public transit


Smart Transportation

  • Vehicle-to-everything communications

  • Connected vehicles

  • Traffic management

Smart Utilities

  • Grid management and resiliency
  • Smart energy and sustainability

Smart cities projects share many commonalities across locations, technology types and goals. With these commonalities in mind, the Playbook provides overarching guidance on best practices, technology solutions, forging vendor relationships and more. You will also find guidance on strategy, planning, navigating the procurement process and finding RFP success.


Download the Playbook for your community’s smart cities journey.

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