Rising to the Challenge: A CTIA Smart Cities Playbook

About the Playbook

2020 was a year like no other. As the COVID-19 pandemic transformed every aspect of our lives, we needed connection and community more than ever. In the U.S., municipalities and the U.S. wireless industry rose to the challenge.

In this Playbook, the CTIA Smart Cities Working Group members highlight how smart cities technologies are helping communities become safer, smarter, and more secure. Over 45 smart city companies collaborated to bring the stories of these communities to life. You’ll learn from live deployments spanning across North America. From Syracuse, New York, where critical infrastructure is more secure thanks to a network of sensors. To Miami, Florida, where smart water meters identify sewer overflows. We venture west to Chicago, Illinois, where advanced network solutions and edge computing are reducing traffic, improving safety and enhancing the lives to civilians. Further south in New Braunfels, Texas, intelligent utility line sensors help pinpoint the location of possible faults. In sunny San Diego, California, a network of wireless-enabled weather stations capture real-time data to let officials know when winds or temperatures are peaking so they can respond accordingly.

Communities large and small are deploying smart solutions to address some of their greatest challenges. Read about their stories in our latest Playbook and learn how to put these smart technologies to work in your community!

This playbook follows the publication of our first Smart Cities Playbook: ‘Building Your Connected Community.’ CTIA Smart Cities Working Group members teamed up with innovative city leaders to gather examples of real-life smart cities deployments that wireless technology is enabling now. Topics and use cases include smart public services, smart transportation and smart utilities. Read our first playbook here


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